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Mar. 14th, 2016 06:46 pm
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CHARACTER NAME: April Kent (nee Summers)
CHARACTER SERIES: Buffy the Vampire Slayer OC

April is the daughter of Spike and Drusilla. She has vampiric abilities. She has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Plus, she receives 'Voices', that predict the future by providing her imagery in her mind.
She is married to Clark Kent, from the Smallville canon, and they have three biological children and three adopted children. She is aware that there are comics/TV shows based off her universe -- but feels they are different from her own.

Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Within reason, yes.
Fourthwalling: Within reason, yes.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): None come to mind.

Hugging this character: Yes. She can be very affectionate with her friends.
Kissing this character: Within reason. Please note she is married, and won't appreciate being kissed without permission.
Flirting with this character: Yes.
Fighting with this character: Yes. Be warned that as a vampire, April does have enhanced speed, agility and strength. She is not afraid to pull her punches.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Yes, within reason. As a vampire, she has enhanced healing, so in most cases can bounce back quickly.
Killing this character: I would rather not kill off this character.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: April is an experience telepath herself, so has many mental mind blocks in her mind. You are free to try to read her mind, but be warned that she could project back into your character's mind.

April is an original character. Her concept is out of some creative thought from her mun. While she is adept with her own abilities and powers -- she still is flawed in her own way.

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April still had her mind on Zara and the possibility of introducing a hatchling (or more) to their little family. She knew that since helping train Zara herself, April had wanted a dragon of her own. It would be a little easier now, since the children were old enough for responsibilities.

But of course, it was important to talk to Clark first.

And so she waited for him to come home, taking the time to work on an art project as she did.
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April walks through the newly opened PINpoint portal into the Caritas, leading Rhys through it. Even though they had just met, April's voices were already guiding her into supporting this decision. That positive benefits would be discovered for Rhys.

And perhaps, the Initiative members would learn a lot from him.

The Caritas was not as lively as it had been, when Lorne was alive and running the joint. In several ways, it was like the building itself was still mourning the loss of Lorne.

But as the new managers, the Initiative put their hearts and souls into keeping it as an Open Door sanctuary for any demon or human who might need it. They all had taken different jobs around the bar too. So it was Rhys' chance to get to meet many of them in person.

Hulk was one of the bouncers. He could be seen standing in one of the corners', his glowing green eyes a constant reminder to those who might consider starting an incident.

87 was the bartender today. She was chatting up a rather large demon, who took up several bar stools, as he drank away his woes for the day.

Mouse was playing the DJ for the afternoon, with her cybernetics hooked into the karaoke machine to give any singer their chance on stage. She had some great songs playing now in the background.

"Welcome to the Caritas." April smiled at Rhys. "Where not everything is black and white."
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December is an exciting time for the Kentlings. The three children are basically into everything these days. Especially now that the two older ones can play with William a lot more.

So April has decided not to worry too much about wrapping gifts early. Really... it is better to wait, especially with curious minds and energetic hands, an active puppy, and a big family.

Right now, a lot of their energy is put into Christmas baking. Making gingerbread houses is the task for today. Jonathan is trying to build a miniature Kent farm. Laura is making a princess house. And William is just smashing gingerbread squares happily.

It is an ideal family time.
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For those who might not have Clark-mun's journal bookmarked -- don't miss our announcement.

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It is after midnight when April awakens suddenly in her bed. Her eyes glow red, as she surveys around the quiet bedroom. It is quiet outside ... the sound of crickets, the occasional howl of a coyote, the sorrowful call of the cows in the barn.

But none of those sounds grab her attention as the one right beside her ... the beating sound of Clark's heart as he sleeps.

She turns slightly to watch him sleep for a moment. April can feel her vampiric side taking control. The dark desires of her thirst swirling in her mind. Her attention directed to the pulsing vein at Clark's jugular. A hunger inside her that she has never felt before.

"Clark..." She manages to whisper his name. "Wake up..."
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April did not like being confined to her bed -- even though she knew it was for the best. Every time she got frustrated -- she just reminded herself that this was for the health and welfare of her unborn child.

It wasn't like she could get bored. She had tons of books handy. She had her sketch pad nearby -- so she could still work on fashions. She had access to a computer, which allowed her to keep in contact with the art studio and ensure the business was still profitable.

It wasn't like she was alone either. There was always someone around -- helping with the other two children and normal house-hold duties. Clark spent as much time as he could around the house. Martha was a common visitor. Spike practically moved into the barn -- so he could be available at any time of the day. Shasta was always there too, especially after learning that April would benefit more from drinking vampire blood right now.

And it wasn't like she never saw her children. Jonathan, who seemed wise for a four-year-old, quickly understood that mommy wasn't available for normal nighttime routines. So he changed the routine -- bringing books and Laura into mommy's room for their bedtime story. Every now and then he would rest his head on April's stomach, and talk to the baby. Laura would occasionally mimic her brother. It was those little moments that meant the world to April.

But... there were still times when the things April had around her were just not enough. It was difficult not to get emotional. Not to feel useless. And just to feel alone.

Luckily, she had friends to remind her of how untrue that statement was.

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For RP friends of April and Clark -- just so you are aware, we have done another time jump with our characters. I have a Multiverse Nexus thread up, if anyone wants to 'catch up'

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